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Cartoon Digital: seminar on transmedia & interactive animation, programme and speakers online‏

Cartoon Digital: seminar on transmedia & interactive animation

More than 20 speakers from 9 countries will be in Munich from 25-27 June to illustrate leading-edge business practices and content creation for digital platforms.


- Broadcasters investing in the digital arena for kids (CBBC, DR-TV, ZDF Ent.)

- Multiplatform entertainment brands and new revenue streams (BeActive, Mind Candy)

- Creating interactive content for kids (Plug-In Media, No Crusts Interactive)

- Developing IP for cross-media exploitation: case studies and dos & don'ts (Cyber Group, Studio Powwow, Copenhagen Bombay, Imira Ent.)

- The evolving market of video games: trends and opportunities (IDATE)

- Designing business models: digital distribution of IP (Moonscoop, eOne, Cake Ent.)

- Joining forces and talent with game developers (Experimental Game, Family Entertainment TV, 3DDUO)

- Presentation of the new Transmedia Bayern e.V. (Sudio100 Media)

- And more


- Dates: from Tuesday 25 June (PM) to Thursday 27 June (evening)

- Fee: 500 EUR (incl. meals)

- Check out the programme

- List of speakers

- Register here

- Contact: masters@cartoon-media.eu - Tel: +32 2 242 93 53

Organised by CARTOON - European Association of Animation Film

105 av. Huart Hamoir - 1030 Brussels - Belgium

http://www.cartoon-media.eu - http://www.facebook.com/CARTOON.eu

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