domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Novedades de IDWeekly: Stephen King & Joe Hill, Doctor Who & Star Trek, Molly Crabapple, Transformers y más!‏

Road Rage #1
I try to never play favorites with any of our titles, but this week's Road Rage is a real thrill for me. It marks the first time Joe Hill and his dad Stephen King have collaborated together, the first time King has been published by IDW, and the first time I've worked directly with him in adapting their story to comics. Even better, artist/colorist Nelson Daniel makes us all look good by vividly illustrating this grim, gritty, dusty, and violent tale of a motorcycle club being menaced by an insane trucker. Like I say, I'm biased here, but I think after you see it, you'll agree with me.

- Chris Ryall, IDW Chief Creative Officer / Editor-in-Chief & Road Rage scripter

Las aventuras del camélido más audaz del orbe.

Robo en Limamanta City